Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Daring Kitchen

So I recently discovered this sited called The Daring Kitchen. After reading all the rules and FAQ I decided that both the Daring Cooks & Daring Bakers challenges would be going on my 101 in 1001 list. It's a very interesting site indeed. Basically, once a month you are given either a baking or cooking challenge (both if you select both when signing up like I did)to complete and then blog about on the end date. This will be my first one of both challenges. The cooking challenge will be announced on Thursday ( I am so excited). I looked at some previous challenges and they included making things such as Pate, Enchiladas, Brunswick stew, & Risotto. So while I am excited about the cooking challenge, it also means that I need to seriously clean and organize my kitchen to even have a chance at completing the challenge. I do not yet have access to the Daring Bakers private forums as the challenge will not be listed until the end of the month. So a small to-do list for the evening. Wash as many dishes that will fit into the dish drainer, take out all garbage, & clean refrigerator. Sounds so easy and simple in my head at the moment but I know I will arrive home drained from the brain numbing day I have endured here at work, unwilling to do anything, but eat and watch TV.

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