Thursday, December 8, 2011

Far Too Long.....

So I have been away from blogger for far too long and missed writing about some of the most amazing things that have taken place in the last few months. So I guess I will just write about the most amazing thing that has happened. I am no longer FRESH MEAT! That's write I graduated and I am now a rookie along with my 3 amazing freshie sisters. Seriously, I love them each so much. It was such a huge deal for us. Immediately following graduation we also got to play in our first real bout against the Pinellas County Roller Girls. Don't we look cool.
We all got a lot more playing time than I expected and they even put all four of us in at once to block and they didn't even score one point. I am so proud of my derby sisters. This was the last game of the season and also our only win this season. It was a really amazing feeling to be part of it all. I just remember every part of my body trembling after going in the first time. It was an amazing rush and it is amazing how you just seem to remember to do certain things. There is so much more that has happened but I will save that for another post so I am not overwhelming you with information and text.