Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So much for that...

So much for me making list and getting organized this year. I haven't been very successful with anything. Still no stash pictures or project pictures on Ravlery. No weekly blog post. Maybe I will aim for bi-weekly. Babysteps! I have sort of begun Christmas knitting the only problem I am foreseeing is wanting to immediately pass on what I have made. My mom's socks are so close to being finished I keep saying maybe I will give them to her for Mother's Day or her Birthday. No!!!!! I have to wait until Christmas. I have also begun knitting socks for my neices for Christmas. Asia will be getting Marshmallow colored socks with a pocket for a tiny brown bear to go in. Elizabeth will be getting some red fun fur socks. The totally suit her personality and I think she will love them. I am not sure what to make for Alexis yet but I am thinking maybe toe socks or something with animals. I am trying to make a schedule of what to knit and when to knit it with alternatives. I don't want to feel like I am forced to knit some socks for whoever and be in the mood to knit anything but socks. My candles were a big hit at Christmas!! My sister called and requested that I make her more. Yay!! So glad that she loved them. I have been doing a lot of swapping lately. I feel like a lot is going out and nothing is coming in. I did get a package from my Pen Pal the other day and it was fantastic. It contained some yummy dark chocolate (my favorite), the red fun fur that I will be using for Elizabeth's socks, two really cute heart dish/washcloths, and the best part was a picture of Captain Jack Sparrow!!! I should be getting about 2 more packages this week and then one that I sent out for our round robin back next week. Fingers crossed!! Well so much for that!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A New Year & New Goals

So did not quite get everything I wanted to get finished for Christmas done but I made a good dent. First goal of the new year start Christmas knitting sooner. I was soooo busy with all of the holidays and birthdays that I have neglected my blog. Second goal to blog once a week. I really need to start focusing on Ravelry and my swaps. I am currently involved in three and a possible 4th. The first is the 'Sole' Food Swap. I need to start shopping soon hoping we go to the LYS in Tampa before I have to mail my package. It should be great fun though since it is all about socks and food. Warm feet and a full belly. The second is the Round Robin Swap with the best group of people anyone could ever ask for. It is a monthly optional swap with different themes and hosts. Third is the 2010 Swap For All Season the first package is due by Easter (April 4th). The possible fourth is if my pen pal and I decide to do the January Swap which is one handmade item and 5.00 worth of trinkets. A cheap and simple swap. With money still be a little low I am having to budget my butt off to do the things I want to do. I really need to upload my stash and take pictures of my finished knitting projects and put them on ravelry. Oh yeah I also need to finish my last Charity scarf and get those sent off as well. Maybe I should make a list. It will be my year of list.

A list of swaps
A list for Christmas
A to-do list
A blog list
A list of list

Off to make some lists!!