Thursday, July 30, 2009


So I have totally been slacking about putting up photos. I have been so excited about knitting dish cloths lately that I haven't even thought about doing anything else. So I have finished my first two dish cloths and cast on a third one last night. These seem to be the best beginner projects ever for a few reasons. 1. They only take about 2 days to finish, could maybe be done in one if more time were available. 2. They have very practical simple stitches. So the first one I started with was just knit stitch, yarn over, and SSK (slip slip knit). The second one was just knit stitch, yarn over (which I learned with the first one) and K2Tog (knit 2 together) so for this one I only had to learn one additional technique. The third one that I just cast on is just knit stitch and purl stitch. Again, just one additional technique. 3. Odds are if you are a new knitter you probably don't have a huge stash yet. Well, the cotton sugar n cream is pretty cheap and I got 2 dish cloths out of my first ball.
I am trying to make a firm commitment to put up pictures by the end of this week. I will probably have to do it Friday as I have knit night tonight and then Saturday is Walt's B-Day. It is going to be a pretty busy rest of the week. I love busy! :)
So I am going to frog my first project and start over again with different yarn and a different pattern. I had started the garter stitch scarf but I really want to do something more catchy and fun.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Wow just started this thing and already beginning to procrastinate. :) Did not do any blogging over the weekend to busy shopping for new clothes with my mom. Went to some great thrift stores and had a blast. Had coffee at Starbucks with Paul and Julie Saturday night and she helped get started on my first wash/dish cloth, she also brought me some sugars n cream yarn and some needles. Thanks so much for that. I finished my dish cloth Sunday I will post some pictures hopefully tonight I need to go home and clean out some space. Decided that I am going to can my scarf that I started and start fresh. I have learned to do more than just knit and purl so I want to make it a little less boring and fix the errors that I made early on. Currently working on another dish cloth that is lacy and star/flower shaped. Went and got some more needles and sugars n cream on Sunday. Also got some sock yarn. It might be a while before I attempt a sock though. Had dinner Sunday night at Macoroni Grill. Yummy! Worked an 11 hour day yesterday so excited to get home and relax and get in some quality knitting time. Tip for new knitters: YOUTUBE! You can find just about everything on there. Oh yeah almost forgot I got 2 knitting books at the book store on Sunday as well. They were both on clearance. Got to love that!

Friday, July 24, 2009

I love dollar tree!

So I went to dollar tree to get some new batteries and some gift bags for Walt's birthday and I found some fun fur. I had no idea that dollar tree even sold this I am so excited. I mean seriously 1.00 for fun fur. I also found this really cool mint green furry/soft yarn. Not sure on the specifics because there was no lable and it was the last one they had but it is so nice. I will take a pic and post soon! Once again it was only a dollar so how can you go wrong?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

What? & How?

So knitting trials I have come across in the past 5 days. Well, for starters is the overwhelming amount of information that seems to be out there about knitting. I mean being a person who works plastic canvas and knowing how difficult it is to find information about it I am feeling both excited and overwhelmed about the amount of information there is on knitting. However, I am finding that most of the information is geared toward more experienced knitters. Basically, what I have to do is read a paragraph, find out what the abbreviations stand for, and find out what the long form is. I am sure many people have had to go through this but I wish that there was more geared to beginners. The abbreviations are everywhere and sometimes they are not just stitch abbreviations there are abbreviations for project status. Those are difficult to find on the web so then you are left taking a guess as to what this means. Which is fine depending on the context and assuming it is not surrounded by six other abbreviations. I find this alot on ravelry. While I love the information and people and services offered by ravelry the forums are sometimes hard to understand.
So I am working on a garter stitch scarf. Basically, all you have to do is repeat the knit stitch over and over. Somehow I have managed to screw up multiple times. First, by adding additional stitches. Not really sure how I accomplished this but I did. Not only did I do it once but a few times so now I am counting my stitches everytime. Second, somehow I ended up with a hole. I must have dropped a stitch somewhere and I am not sure how to fix it. I am going to push on though. At this point it is about trying to get used to knitting and not being uncomfortable when I do it.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Getting My Feet Wet!

So this week is a week of new adventures. On Sunday I decided that I would take it upon myself and learn to knit. I have never knit anything before but I have watched people do it and they always seem to enjoy it. The closest I have ever come to knitting is working with plastic canvas which is not even close. I want to be able to make more practical things with my yarn and not just a million little Care Bears out of canvas. However, a million pairs of socks, totally practical. My second new adventure is this blog. I have never blogged before with the exception of the occasional rant on myspace and the maybe 5 one sentence posts on twitter. Not sure what I will really be writing about in here. Plan to post pictures of my work and progress in knitting and plastic canvas, maybe share some of my trails and tribulations as a new knitter (which are beginning to add up quite quickly), and I guess a little stuff about myself and my thoughts.