Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Getting My Feet Wet!

So this week is a week of new adventures. On Sunday I decided that I would take it upon myself and learn to knit. I have never knit anything before but I have watched people do it and they always seem to enjoy it. The closest I have ever come to knitting is working with plastic canvas which is not even close. I want to be able to make more practical things with my yarn and not just a million little Care Bears out of canvas. However, a million pairs of socks, totally practical. My second new adventure is this blog. I have never blogged before with the exception of the occasional rant on myspace and the maybe 5 one sentence posts on twitter. Not sure what I will really be writing about in here. Plan to post pictures of my work and progress in knitting and plastic canvas, maybe share some of my trails and tribulations as a new knitter (which are beginning to add up quite quickly), and I guess a little stuff about myself and my thoughts.

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