Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Wow just started this thing and already beginning to procrastinate. :) Did not do any blogging over the weekend to busy shopping for new clothes with my mom. Went to some great thrift stores and had a blast. Had coffee at Starbucks with Paul and Julie Saturday night and she helped get started on my first wash/dish cloth, she also brought me some sugars n cream yarn and some needles. Thanks so much for that. I finished my dish cloth Sunday I will post some pictures hopefully tonight I need to go home and clean out some space. Decided that I am going to can my scarf that I started and start fresh. I have learned to do more than just knit and purl so I want to make it a little less boring and fix the errors that I made early on. Currently working on another dish cloth that is lacy and star/flower shaped. Went and got some more needles and sugars n cream on Sunday. Also got some sock yarn. It might be a while before I attempt a sock though. Had dinner Sunday night at Macoroni Grill. Yummy! Worked an 11 hour day yesterday so excited to get home and relax and get in some quality knitting time. Tip for new knitters: YOUTUBE! You can find just about everything on there. Oh yeah almost forgot I got 2 knitting books at the book store on Sunday as well. They were both on clearance. Got to love that!

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