Thursday, July 30, 2009


So I have totally been slacking about putting up photos. I have been so excited about knitting dish cloths lately that I haven't even thought about doing anything else. So I have finished my first two dish cloths and cast on a third one last night. These seem to be the best beginner projects ever for a few reasons. 1. They only take about 2 days to finish, could maybe be done in one if more time were available. 2. They have very practical simple stitches. So the first one I started with was just knit stitch, yarn over, and SSK (slip slip knit). The second one was just knit stitch, yarn over (which I learned with the first one) and K2Tog (knit 2 together) so for this one I only had to learn one additional technique. The third one that I just cast on is just knit stitch and purl stitch. Again, just one additional technique. 3. Odds are if you are a new knitter you probably don't have a huge stash yet. Well, the cotton sugar n cream is pretty cheap and I got 2 dish cloths out of my first ball.
I am trying to make a firm commitment to put up pictures by the end of this week. I will probably have to do it Friday as I have knit night tonight and then Saturday is Walt's B-Day. It is going to be a pretty busy rest of the week. I love busy! :)
So I am going to frog my first project and start over again with different yarn and a different pattern. I had started the garter stitch scarf but I really want to do something more catchy and fun.

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