Monday, August 10, 2009


Been so exicted about knitting that I haven't really taken the time to do much else aside from eat, sleep, & go to work! Unfortunately, I have not made time for my blog either. So I was supposed to upload photos like a week ago and never did. Gave away all three of my projects without taking pictures, oops! So unfortunately no pictures to upload. However, I did start my first sock. Started out pretty rough had to frog like 100 times but now that I have about 3 inches of the cuff done it is going pretty well. I am using Sensations yarn in a beautiful purple color. I also used to do a lot of plastic canvas stuff and had ordered some really cool clutch forms shortly before I began learning to knit and haven't completed any of them. So, what I am planning to do is. A) Take a picture of my sock progress & my stash. B) Finish my sock C) Complete one clutch purse D) Sew a button on my first felted project. Hopefully, somewhere in between all of this I will find time for my blog, sleep, cleaning my apartment, my sweet bunny, and eating. :) Things will go so much better when I learn how to knit without looking and speed up a bit. I think I might invest in a Library card too. That seems like a good idea. I could check out all sorts of knitting books. Yippie!!

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