Monday, August 24, 2009


Finally got something accomplished in our tiny apartment. Seriously, it has been way to many months since we have gone to the laundry mat. I went yesterday and did about 7 loads of laundry. :( The process sucked but looking in the closet full of clean clothes was so refreshing. We also purchased a new book shelf which was much needed and it looks beautiful in our living room. Now if we could only figure out where to put the bed. :) Got a new knitting book this weekend "Knitted Socks" by Anna Tillman. Just had to have it as there are penguin pop-out socks that I can't wait to make. Also has some really cute socks that I think I might try to make for my neices. They just started public school today. They were home schooled in the past and I am so nervous for them. I have no idea how I ever adjusted to school. I hate change. I just like to get in my little routine and continue on that comfortable path. So excited about my swap group can't wait to start brainstorming the perfect packages.

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