Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So Hard

I am finding it so hard to blog right now. I just started my secret swap so everything I am currently doing is geared towards that and I can't blog about what I am planning or working on because it would give away my identity. I used to think finding cute patterns for myself was hard enough but now trying to find something that I would enjoy knitting plus something my swapper would like has become quite challenging. Had a pretty rough weekend. Went out and did some Geocaching unfortunately we decided to do this around 1pm and it was super hot. I got sunburned because that's what I do and then ended up getting really sick from all the heat. So much for enjoying my 3-day weekend. We have also been trying to eat healthy which has had it's ups and downs. I love my special K crackers but how many times do I have to watch the same pizza hut commercial before caving in and getting pizza? Well the answer is about 50. So I guess that is it for now just wanted to check in with the world.

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