Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Perfect Place To Knit...

So I recently discovered for me what is the perfect place to knit. It is my new bean bag. I love it. I is completely and udderly comfortable while at the same time completely mobile. Got all my stuff ready to ship off to my spoilee now I just have to find the time to make it to the Post Office. Hoping she likes it very much. *fingers crossed* The new season of One Tree Hill started last night. So excited, I thought it was a great episode. I was a little concerned knowing that 2 of the main characters would no longer be there but then it made me laugh out loud and I remembered why I loved it so much. Back to knitting. Now that my package is ready to be shipped I can start focusing on the other projects I have to finish. A) My second sock. B) Cabin Pillow C) Horseshoe Towel, which I still have to frog again & then start over. The Fiber-In will be here Friday I am soooooo excited I can't wait. Not actually going until Saturday but still I can't wait. Friday I will be going out with the girls. It is Jessica's B-day. Excited about going out but I am sure I will miss Walt.

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