Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tough End To The Year

So I apparently did not blog all of November. Unfortunately, November was a really rough month for me. The first week of the month my grandfather had a massive stroke and and spent 4 days in Medical ICU before he finally passed. It was a long tough 4 days. Being told that we had to wait 24 hours initially to see if the drugs they gave would work. Finding out day 2 that they did not work and he would not recover and he had also had a second stroke that took his vision. It then became a sad waiting game. Waiting for him to pass. That was the hardest part was knowing it was coming and not knowing when and wanting to be there for him. There was a lot of phones calls "you have to get here now it will only be a few hours" and then it would be another day. Really tough seeing my family so hurt especially my mom and my sister we have been so close our whole life it is really tough to see them cry. Due to the always wanting to be there I missed 4 days of work which really kicked us in the butt since Walt is not working.

So there was maybe an okay week after he passed and then I got this awful cold that I can't seem to shake. I have had no energy to knit nor do I want to as I am afraid to pass my germs through a knitted scarf or pair of socks. With money being so tight I was planning to knit for christmas with stuff out of my stash but time is running out and I feel like I have tons to do but I can not shake this cold. It has been such a stressful month and I know there is more to come. Still trying to manage to pay the bills with just my paycheck. Hoping I will still be able to at least cook for Christmas. If nothing else I would just like to have some family over to eat. This will be my first Christmas without my grandfather and he will be missed.

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