Friday, July 1, 2011

Derby Update!

Okay so I know it has been forever and then some since I last posted about Derby, but I just haven't been inspired to write anything and work has been busier than usual. Not exactly sure where I last left off so let's just talk about where I am.

These last 10 weeks of Fresh Meat training have gone by so quickly. There have been lots of cancelled practices & some practices where we lacked a real coach. Nonetheless, I have had a blast practicing and getting to know new people. Derby is teaching me to be more vocal and how to talk to strangers. Assessments will take place the week of July 11th with the skills test being that Monday and the rules test will be that Wednesday. Since this Monday is the 4th of July there will be no practice so we only have one practice left before assessments and there are a few that we haven't been shown yet that we will be expected to do. I have been feeling very angry about this lately and have been venting with so fellow freshies  about this. Well, I am done with that. I am done complaining and I am going to practice as much as the rain will allow me to practice before the 11th. I will either pass my assessments or I won't. I will not be kicked off the league for failure to pass the assessments. I will just have to repeat fresh meat training again. Do I want to repeat it? No, but if I am not ready, then I am just not ready. I am mostly afraid of completing the 25 in 5. It is the one thing I don't feel confident about and the one thing I think my nerves destroy.

Tonight we have 1st Friday to promote our league and help recruit some more people for the league. I am excited to get out with my sisters and promote this sport that I have truly fallen in love with.

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