Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Well I was trying to wait....

Well, I was trying to wait until the official announcement as to whether or not we passed fresh meat. Still there is no official word if we passed. We did get to practice with the Vets on Monday and we did get back our written rules test. Pleased to say that I got a 97%! So on to the not so good news. I fell pretty hard on my left knee Monday night at practice and well, I sprained my knee (at least that is consensus for now). So frustrating to be injured during our first practice with the Vets and to not be able to participate in practice tonight. I will still be attending practice...don't want to miss anything important. So basically my knee just really hurts if I bend it to far, today it is much better. Yesterday I couldn't really move it at all with out shouting in pain. And yes, because I am so absent minded I would occasionally forget that it hurt to bend my knee so far and let out a good shriek. Excited, that I am able to walk relatively normal on it makes me feel that it really is just a sprain and not a PCL injury. So that is all for now. Maybe tonight there will be an official announcement!!

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