Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Roller Derby Catch Up!

Okay so I had this grand idea of blogging about each practice. Well, to be honest that is going to get really boring for you. Our FM coach has missed a few practices and we have had a few canceled due to the last bout, so we have been working on a lot of the same stuff for a while. I can only say so much about crossovers and tstops.

So for a quick catch up of practices. Nothing new has been taught or learned except for last night we learned how to do turnaround toe stops and we got into some pack skating. I am feeling like this class started at a really bad time for the league and there hasn't been a lot of time devoted to us.

The bout: What a weekend that was. We spent about 12 hours getting everything set up over 2 days. I worked the merch booth with April. It was a good place to be. Got to see all of the action. :) Watching the OSDA game was very interesting. The have 4 quarters instead of 2 halves and the pivot can become the jammer at any point without having the swap helmet panties. Now, one to our bout. It was bad, really bad. The first 5 jams or so, our jammer ended up getting sent to the penalty box for various reasons. Also, our best blocker was sent to the penalty box for the first 3 jams I believe. So it started out really rough for us and I think we had a hard time coming back from that. There was also lots of things that were not called and maybe some things called that should not have been, but that's sports. We also beat ourselves. Lots of track cutting penalties and a no mouth guard penalty. All very preventable and since these were all penalties on our jammers they were very detrimental. On the upside there were lots of big its and it was a very passionate game. One of the best that I have seen and one that derby fans love!! :)

I am going to stop here. I have another post to rant about practice, but I will save that for another time.

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