Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Roller Derby

It has been a while since I posted I have just been so busy with Nerd Wars, Work, Life, & Roller Derby. I went to my first Roller Derby Bout on April 3rd. It was amazing!!! I knew that it was either going to make me terrified to play Roller Derby or more eager than ever to play....and well, I am more eager than ever to play. It was so exciting to watch. The Lakeland team is still young and not as good as some of the other teams, but they seem to have lots of heart and I love that. The are fighters. They didn't do so well the first have of the bout, but came out swinging the second half of the bout. It was so much fun to cheer for them and there were a few moments that I actually had goosebumps. Yep! Goosebumps were the moment that I knew for sure that this was for me. I have been skating, skating, & more skating. It has been really great getting prepared to do this with April. It is so much easier to stay motivated when there is someone doing it with you. Also, thank you so much to Walt! He has been fantastic. Going everywhere with me to skate, getting up at 8am to skate, teaching me how to do things on my skates, seriously he has been fantastic!!! ONLY 26 DAYS LEFT until recruit night. We were really lucky to have Candy (a real roller derby girl) come out on Sunday and show us some things. We worked on T-Stops, single knee falls, double knee falls, single knee 180 falls, crossovers, and just skated. I did learn that having better knee pads is going to be really important as I had a pretty good bruise on my left knee after all of the falling drills. She said that we are well ahead of most of the Fresh Meat that comes in. That was such a relief to hear. We really have been working hard and learning so much about roller derby. Yesterday we skated some local walking/biking/running trails. It was a nice change from just skating around in a circle at the hockey rink. I also learned that our balance is much better than we gave ourselves credit for. The hockey rink is smooth a usually free of debris, but the trails not so much. They were full of rocks, leaves, acorns, sticks, and the surface itself just wasn't that pleasant, but I did have a blast skating the trails nonetheless. We must have tripped and stumbled 50 times each and well, there was only one actual fall. This makes me hopeful that we will be good at taking a hit and staying on our feet. I am now hoping that my endurance will be improved enough over the next 26 days so that I won't feel completely miserable after my first Fresh Meat practice. My goal is to get in 30 minutes of cardio everyday for the next 26 days.

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