Monday, February 21, 2011

A Break & Plus Sized

So I returned to work after a much needed 4 day break. My job really is not all that hard it is just very mentally draining and emotionally damaging sometimes. I am feeling refreshed and rejuvenated and hoping this feeling will at least get me through the next 2 months or so.

So... on to the other thing that I have been thinking about and reading about all day. Being plus sized when it comes to sewing patterns. I am by no means what I would consider plus sized in "regular everyday" clothes. I mean I don't have to shop in the plus size section. Honestly, it wouldn't really bother me all that much if I had to. I am proud of my curves and I love my boobs! I think this has to do with the fact that I hit puberty much later than most (if not all) of the girls I know. Which means I spend a good portion of my teens being made fun of for being flat chested and have knobby knees. Then puberty finally kicked and well, let's just say no one would even think about calling me flat chested. Anyhow, back to my original topic. So after purchasing a few dress patterns then measuring myself (hey! new sewers....measure yourself before you buy any clothing patterns) I discovered that in the world of sewing I am plus sized. Again, I would be totally fine with this if all of the dresses did not look like this:
I love this fabric and I love what they were going for....but it looks like she is wearing a big rectangle with sleeves....I DON'T want to wear a big rectangle. Did I mention I love my curves??!! This dress looks likes 2 rectangles sewing together. I know there are plenty of big girls out there that are proud of their curves too. I am all for dressing for your body type, but a dress shaped like this is not going to flatter anyone! When I decided I wanted to learn to sew I wanted to be able to sew those cool retro dresses that I love so much. I am really inspired by Pin-Ups....those girls had curves! Here is what I think plus size sewing patterns should be like:

This is a dress from the plus sized section of They have lovely curve hugging clothes for the plus sized! So I have been reading other sewer's opinions on this and well there seems to be a consensus. So if anyone knows where some really cute plus sized patterns can be found please let me. I must say though I am really fond of some of simplicity's plus sized patterns. 

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