Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Looking Up!

Well it seems as though things might finally be looking up. We have decided that we will move in with Walt's dad, which will free up about 380.00 a month. We are still going to pay him some money to live there of course, but he did not ask us to contribute a lot. I am excited. The apartment complex and very nice with a gym, pool, hot tub, etc... But mostly I am excited about the opportunity to save some money and buy some things we have really been wanting. Also, I think it will be good for his dad to have someone there with him most of the time. He is getting older and is unstable on his feet. I like knowing that someone will be there is something bad were to happen. However, we probably picked the worst time of year to attempt to do this. I mean Christmas is just around the corner & I have swap packages going in and out. I want to move by the 1st so that we don't owe another 500.00 in rent, another cable bill, another electric bill etc... We had to submit applications to the office so they can make sure we aren't child molesters or serial killers. We are waiting to hear back on that (not that we are concerned) before we actually start packing. We also have to pay a 200.00 pet deposit for Abby. She discovered herself in the mirror the other day and well she isn't very fond of herself. She also had her picture taken with Santa this past weekend. It is such a cute photo of our little family.

In other news with the year coming to a close and income tax time around the corner the one thing I really wanted to do with my income tax this year was to sign up for the Master Knitter course through The Knitting Guild Association. There are 3 levels in which you have to knit swatches and do research papers and just learn a lot about knitting and the way you knit. The first level seems like it is doable for me and I am hoping to learn enough during that time to feel confident tackle the next 2 levels.

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