Tuesday, October 19, 2010

All At Once

So a lot of things have happened in the last 24 hours. Most of which were bad.
1. Found out yesterday that I will no longer be doing the cleaning for the company I work for so I will be losing about 250.00 a month.
2. Came home from work to find that our refrigerator had quit working. ( I went grocery shopping Sunday night.)
3. Went to work on my secret knitting project to discover that my Zephyr knitting needle had broken.

All of that in 24 hours....really! Well, I can't do anything about number one other than try to find a way to make up for that lost money every month. The good news is our landlord is on his way to look at our refrigerator, bad news is our apartment is a MESS! Which, means Walt has to try and clean before Jack arrives, I am pretty sure this is the 2nd time Walt has cleaned since we moved into our apartment over 2 years ago. Other good news, KnitPicks is going to send me a replacement needle. The only downfall was that I really needed to be finished knitting this project tomorrow and well I probably won't have my needles until at least Thursday. Seriously, though I originally thought that our refrigerator was not covered by our landlord so I looked for a cheap used one. Yeah, they don't exist. They cheapest one I found was $195.00....OMG!! That's it for today. Let's hope the next 24 hours get better. 

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