Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cooking Bug!

So lately I have really had a serious cooking bug. I mean I have always loved to cook and create new dishes, but lately I have wanted to find new recipes & buy giant recipe books with cool tips and tricks. I have also been really drawn to international cuisine lately. So I have been cruising around lots of websites such as and some blogs such as hillbilly housewife. I really would like to get a bread maker and start canning stuff (such as pickles and my own red sauces). I am finding that I have a hard time branching out. I like to try lots of stuff, but so many recipes call for ingredients I don’t have on hand and can’t afford to get on hand. So what’s a girl to do?? Well,  my plan is to buy one jarred/bottled spice every week when I go grocery shopping as these are the things I always seem to need and not have especially when trying to recreate international cuisine. So what have I made lately? Well, 2 weekends ago we had a total Middle East lunch that consisted of Fried Cauliflower with Tahini Sauce; Homemade Hummus; Couscous with Baby Portabellas, Onion, Bell Pepper; & Tabia Polo. It was so good! Walt really liked the Fried Cauliflower. We had homemade Tacos Sunday & Monday, Breakfast for dinner last night which consisted of scrambled eggs; sausage, biscuits, & gravy; & hash brown casserole. It was so good. Tonight’s menu is spaghetti with lots of mushrooms because we love the little fungi, sausage instead of groud beef because it was on sale, and homemade garlic bread. Forgot to mention I also recently made vegan chocolate cupcakes with vegan peanut butter frosting. They were super yummy! Well, I am off to find some more recipes. Any ideas please share…..

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Christy said...

We love breakfast for dinner - we call it brinner at our house :) And WAHOO! for vegan cupcakes! It's the only kind I can eat, due to egg allergies, so I like 'em a lot.