Thursday, September 16, 2010

Can't Get It Off My Mind!!!

What you ask? Food! I have recently reawakened my passion for food and cooking. I remember being really young and always wanting to make sure the food my mom had prepared was placed on the table just right so that it would look as beautiful as possible. I remember getting in trouble for “playing” restaurant with my Great Grandmother’s fine china. I was never afraid to try new foods and that still stays with me. There are some things that are so visually appealing to me that even though I have tried them several times and not enjoyed them I will continue to do so, I guess I am hoping it is a taste that I will acquire. Sushi is one of those foods for me, it is beautiful, so meticulously made, I mean people spend years trying to perfect their sushi making skills and well, it shows. Unfortunately, for me I just can’t seem to enjoy it. I do try it every time we go to a Chinese buffet. Lately, I have been really eager to improve my cooking skills (what few I have). I find that getting recipes and cooking them aren’t usually too hard; I mean I can follow directions, but I would like to have more finesse in the kitchen. I would like to understand why things cook the way the do & if I can improve upon that. I want to be more creative in creating my own recipes. So to try and improved my creativeness I decided that I would need to learn more about other cultures and what they eat and different cooking techniques they use. So I have spent the better part of my day looking at French recipes and techniques and it looks like we will be having a French food day at home soon!!


Christy said...

I feel the same way about sushi. I want to like it - really I do - but I just can't seem to.
Emma wants to go to France one day. She considers herself to already be a French pastry chef :)

Pengiknits said...

Walt and I were trying to figure out if we sold all of our stuff if that would be enough money to fly to France and find somewhere to live. Sadly, it probably won't so we are just going to eat French food.