Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bi-Weekly Blog Questions & Strange Eat Habits?

So this weeks Bi-Weekly Blog Question was:
The weather outside where I live is starting to get cool, and autumn is truly here!!!
So, this week I am wondering ….
“What is your favorite cool weather recipe?”

Since I live in Florida cool weather doesn't really exist outside of my apartment. I mean occasionally it will get down to the 50s but that is about as cool as it gets here. Even though it does not tend to get cold often when it does I always have go to dishes. The first being Chili and grilled cheese sandwiches. Unfortunately, chili is the one thing I can never seem to make right so thank goodness for Walt and his yummy chili and I can handle the grilled cheese. Chili is also a sign that Christmas is right around the corner which mean yah!! I get to make Christmas dinner. Last year was the first year that we had people other than my family over, we also had Walt's family which opened up some new dish prospects. His SIL is a vegetarian so I had to take that into consideration with some of the dishes. I love to cook for Christmas. It is my favorite thing to do on Christmas aside from watching my neices open gifts because the still get such a kick out of it and watching the horror on my sister's face for purchasing certain gifts. Last year there were so many nerves associated with Christmas dinner. First being, cooking for people that I have never cooked for. Are they going to like my food? Do they like mushrooms? etc... Second being, how on earth are we going to shove 13 people into our tiny apartment we barely fit. However, everything turned out great. People raved about my food & everyone fit nicely. I love that I can go all out for Christmas and make as much food as my heart desires and be completely content in eating the leftovers for a week. On to other things:

So everyone seems to think I have strange eating habits. Not really what I eat but how I eat it. I just like my food a certain way. Good examples: Pizza Rolls, I like to squeeze all of the cheese and goodies out of the pastry shell and eat the shell first and then go back and eat the insides. The shell is my favorite part so I eat it first. Subway, I have to completely dismantle my sub. I take everything off (except lettuce, cheese, tomato) and place each thing in its own pile. Then I eat the sandwhich and then I eat each little group of food. It's like I can only eat one section of food at a time or group of food. If it is steak, potatoes, & peas. I eat the peas, then the potatoes, & then the steak. I don't think it is that strange just the way I like to eat things.

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