Monday, November 15, 2010

What's on the needles?

So in trying to get back into posting more regularly and getting back to more knitting I am here with my most recent project the 'Tiger Eye Lace Scarf'. The pattern has been a breeze thus far and the scarf seems to be growing rather quickly considering I am using fingering weight yarn and size 5 needles. The upside is it does not have be be knit super long as blocking will make the scarf grow about 20%. I must admit that I had sworn off scarves for a while, but this was one that I have been wanting to knit for a long time. Not one that someone wants me to knit for them. "Hi, my name is Brandy and I have a hard time saying no". Yes, this is my problem. I don't like to let people down and when I tell them I can't do something I feel like I am letting them down. What happens? I am overbooked and hate knitting. So here is a picture of the scarf so far about 30% done at this point.
Tiger Eye Lace Scarf
The yarn is a beautiful aqua blue and lime green dyed on a surge base by the fantastic Julie!!

I also still have Walt's stripped socks on the needles. I really want to finish these for him, but they have been such a challenge. This is my 3rd attempt at knitting them and hopefully it will be right. I had to go buy another set of US 1 DPNs because I had lost one and could not knit them.

I also have some yarn on the spindle. That I have been spinning for what feels like forever. I know there have been weeks where I have no touched it which is why it is not done, but also because I was aiming for a lace/fingering weight. So more yards = more time! My right shoulder has been killing me lately so that kind of detracts from the whole spinning thing. Although, I did spin 2 sections of roving last night.

So this week I spun 3 sections of roving & knit 10 pattern repeats on the scarf. Oh yeah, I did some math on the scarf. If I knit 30 repeats that will give me 60" inches pre-blocking. That will be  480 rows knit, which amounts to 14,880 stitches.

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